Monday, June 28, 2010

Praise the Lord!

a new semester..28 June 2010..2nd sem,i stil left with 6 more sem..cant wait 2 finish up tis whole degree prog..

it wasnt easy 2 b at hostel after 1 month of hols..personally,i miss my homieee very much..home-made cooks..besides,i miss mum,dad,sisters~momoi n memei,relatives~yeyen,titin,cia,toby,nina n jijia...aiya..i realised tat i must get rid of tis feelin..i shud let it go..if not,homesick la jd nya..hehe..b matured,BEATRICE!!

1 more thg 2 share,i was surprised wit my exam result..unexpected..yeah,in my last post,i did mention tat i'm feelin so down,feelin empty b4 n during d exam..but sumhow,i struggled til d end n guess wat,I MADE IT..thank God for his blessings n help..all my hard work was paid off finally..thanks to my beloved parents,sisters n frens 4 ur wonderful prayers n supports..yeayyyy,,i'm hapy wit my pointer..3.75 n i hope tat i can improve it in every sem 2 come..In Jesus name,I pray..AMEN..

Praise the Lord! Alleluia!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hapy hols everyone!!!

it's exactly 1 month since my last post..huh,quite bz preparing 4 my exam ol tis while..luckily,it was OVER..yeahhh..i'd gave my best n i hope tat i wil excel in tis exam..

GAWAI was OVER too..i'l upload some of my gawai pics soon!!