Monday, September 27, 2010

d end of d hols...duhhhhhh..

hols has ended n d lecture has started last wik..mixed feelings..3 wiks at home was a very special chance for me to rest my mind, my body n my souk from d assignments...

from 30 August til 3rd September, me n 2 of my frens, Liana n Susan did our 1-wik school-based observation at SK Catholic English..overall, i enjoyed being there..n i wanna say 'THANK YOU' to the headmaster, teachers, staffs n students for their willingness to help three of us..ur helps were very much appreciated..

d extra 2 wiks at home, as usual, i felt bored but wen it came 2 d end of hols, i started to ask myself 'can i extend my hols?'..hehehe..

haishhhh,i suffered from homesickness n it really drove me 2 crazy..i miss every single thgs abt my home..mummy, daddy, sis momoi n sis memei..

n no doubt, i faced too much trials after d hols, but, with God's help n guidance, i'm able to go thru it..

DSLR????1 of my life's dream...coming soon! c ya!