Wednesday, March 9, 2011

kalaulah hidup ini ada salinan kedua...

Goodbye sad February, hello March!
I hope u'l treat me well..
yahh,it has been a month since my last post..
piles of assignments, courseworks,too much programme here n there,
pendek kata,bak kata org srwak,x tekabir sy nk molah semua..
but thank God,50% of assignments have been submitted..left with another half more..

back to the title of my entry,
kalau lah hidup ini ada salinan kedua, what will happen to me?
do i need to face all those trials?

something yang sukar diungkapkan..
kadang-kadang bahagia...
kadang-kadang menyakitkan...
till at one time, i felt that love is just meaningless and i dont trust in love anymore..
yerr,jiwang ehhh~

but i know, God is always by my side..he never leave me..i trust that..
i offer up everything into His hands..

it's 10 March 2011 n yesterday was Ash Wednesday :)
i'm welcoming the season of Lent..
i wanna change..
i want to be a better person..more loving, more caring..
i want to learn how to forgive and how to forget..
though it not as easy as we think, but if we put our trust in God, i am sure that He will show us the light of life..

P/S: to all my frens out there, sorry for all my wrongdoings all these while.pls forgive me!

(1 more day to go before the end of my School Based Observation at SK St Teresa, Kuching)