Sunday, July 25, 2010

exhausted.busy...i need a BREAK!!!

1st of ol,sorry 2 my dear blog 4 being inactive to u..n i 4got 2 upload pics of last gawai hols..

noe y??

this early 4 wiks really drove me to crazy.exhausted,tired.stressed.confused.happy.

starting with malam bakat 4 new students,malam gawai n tadau kaamatan,going back home,celebrating burfday wit bro n fmly,assignments,being a secretary 4 BIG Siri 2 n now,blogging..

again,love prob struck me..
I cannot hold tis feelin anymo n pretend to be happy,just to soothe my own feelings...Being single is a lot wiser than being in a WRONG relationship on ♥..

till then,goodnite (@_@)