Wednesday, August 25, 2010

almost a month~

extremely bz,tat's ol i can describe abt wat i've been doing during tis 'beautiful' August..
assignments,almost ol them must b submitted on tis comin friday..
now,i'm still struggling doin my assignments though i knew tat i shud b sleeping at tis moment.
sacrifice?hopefully it's profitable..hope tat ol my hard works wil b paid off..

love comes and go...
now,i lead a single first,im not used to it but after a few days of reflection,i realised tat life shud go matter wat happen,i believe tat God still loves me.His love is everlasting compared to other earthly loves..=)

few days ago,my clasmate's dad had passed away.she was strong enough in dealing with her emotions,seems tat she can go thru tis tat time,wen i heard tat news,i remembered my mom n dad at home..i love them so much n i know my life will b very terrible without them at my side..i cant live without,i wanna take tis chance to say tat I LOVE YOU MUMMY, I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Ronan Keating
Sometimes late at night,
I lie awake and I watch her sleeping,
She's lost in peaceful dreams,
So I turn out the light.
I lay there in the dark,
And the thought crosses my mind,
If I never wake in the morning,
Would she ever doubt,
the way I feel about her in my heart...

If tomorrow never comes,
Will she know how much I loved her?
Did I try in every way?
To show her everyday
She's my only one.

And if my time on earth were through,
She must face this world without me.
Is the Love I gave her in the past...
Gonna be enough to last?
If tomorrow never comes!

'Cos I've lost loved ones in my life,
Who never knew how much I loved them.
Now I live with no regret,
The natural feelings for them
Never will reveal

So I made a promise to myself
Say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there's no second chance
To tell her how I feel

So,dear fren,turn to someone that u love n tell them how much u love them.who knows,tomorrow might never comes :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gawai Hols 2010