Thursday, June 23, 2011

being SINGLE is not a CURSE!

ini cuma luahan hati sahaja.tiada kaitan antara yang hidup ataupun yang telah meninggal dunia.bacalah jika anda suka dan tutup mata jika tak suka :)

dalam hidup,ada macam-macam dugaan.antara yang paling sakit bila seseorang ditipu or dikhianati oleh insan tersayang.i admit,i experienced that few times in my lifetime.i used to claim that 'every guys is the same',haha,but i know it's WRONG.sik semua laki jaik..some are just too good,cuma..cuma..cuma..haha.haish,unexplainable.

sometimes kan,i wonder bah,why BEATRICE always being cheated?am i too pathetic?am i too innocent?haha.but i know,God for sure has His own reasons.when i flew back to Sarawak last sunday,im thinking of my past love memories.all the bitterness.haish,too speechless to share with u all..breaking up???unrequited love???it is for my own goodness.God actually works in His way.He want to show that i was not meant for that,should i blame God?NO~

last exam,i dealt with love problem.huh,by that time,nang merinsaklah jiwa dan raga..but i managed to handle my feelings n emotions dgn adanya kawan-kawan.k la,let me named them as my appreciation (LIANA ANAK ANDING, NURHAJRINA BINTI JARAWI)..Both of them are my Dr Love.not to forget,my classmates yg banyak berik support.yes,18 of u.. :)
that was the most complicated love problem that i faced..sampeykan at one time,i just hate to LOVE.but thanks be to God,He shows me the not meant for him n he's not meant for me.actually,we're not in a relationship.he's just my best fren that time.God slowly took all my tears n sadness.
Nasib x affect my exam.i thought it was but after nangga result,PRAISE THE proved me wrong.benda ya bukannya melemahkan or menjatuhkan aku,but membuatkan aku jadi makin kuat.I'm a STRONG BEATRICE!

So now,i go on with my new life n im happy with it.BEING SINGLE IS NOT A CURSE.bak kata orang,belum masanya gik.hehe..sikpa,yg penting,jangan jadi desperate.hehe...jodoh ada di mana-mana n aku percaya,mun kita bait,TUHAN pasti akan sediakan yang terbait juak untuk kita.sik perlu perfect.yang penting,menerima kita seadanya till DEATH do us part.aisehhh.
till then,daaaa~~

Don't chase love for it is like a butterfly. The more that you run after it, the further it flies away. Leave it alone and it will come to you when you least expect it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Praise the Lord!

Gawai???Damn AWESOME!
Trip to Sibu???Very AWESOME!
Trip to KL???Extremely AWESOME!

Holiday was fun! I enjoyed it!
Sibu trip~gathering with frens n classmates,recalling bac the precious moment that we had last time were one of the most memorable memories of 2011.thanks to Barbara n family, Agnes n family, Christine Agam, Jane Francesca n other frens for the nice stay,food n treats!

Kuala Lumpur trip~goshhhh,it was so fun being at KL.i cant stop myself from shopping n eating.$$$ pun melayang gak..hehe...thanks beloved sis for accompanying me..
besides,gathering with PLKN frens made my days at KL becoming more first experience ice skating at Sunway Pyramid,wow,two thumbs up.i like it...lepak2 at Putrajaya til midnight,enjoy the view,shoot here n there n the next morning,reunion at Mid Valley..main game keta,bowling,makan2...for sure,i'll cherish that moments..

6 days at Kuala Lumpur - 4 shopping complex..cukuplah..mun sik,makin banyak duit habis lak..hahaha...

One more to share,congratulations to all my classmates.thank God,we passed our exams!

till then,wanna have my dinner!