Wednesday, November 24, 2010


signed as a member since 2008.. (if im not mistaken)
being an inactive member til it was about early 2009,where i started to be called an ACTIVE FACEBOOKER..
by tat time, org sarawak said 'mun sik online lam sehari,nang sik sah...'

FACEBOOK..connecting ppl,yes,ol around d world..just imagine,i can keep in touch again with my old frens since kindergarten,primary school n secondary recalled us about our past memories..sweet memories n sumtimes,bad memories..wat a great technology we hv~

i've gained lotsa experience after being a FACEBOOKER..

> jumpa kwn2 lama..
> as a medium to publish advertisement (hehe..tingggggg,i remembered when i promoted my Canon G11)
> as a medium to transfer msg/share info (our class monitor always did that..hehe..antap li jk me n my classmates salu online..hehe..)
> i can share my happiness with my frens (uploading pics n so on..)
> sharing ideas/opinions/interest especially about PHOTOGRAPHY..
> berkomen2 at ppl's status n buli them...yes,i did that..hehe
> reading some funny status n laughing alone in front of my lappy
> chatting with families n frens, bertanya khabar, bertukar berita..

yeaahhh,i've some...
> misunderstanding..yes,it ever happened...
> seeing n reading something that hurt my feelings...i knew i shud forget about it.but i just cant.i cant let it go!

Watever it is,FACEBOOK taught me a lot about to communicate with ppl,how to respect ppl,how to trust ppl,how to befriend with ppl...
sumtimes,i do SMILE,i do LAUGH,but sumtimes,i do CRY because of FACEBOOK..
however,thanks FACEBOOK for brighten up some of my days :)

P/S: if i ever hurt any1 of u by my status,posts,pics tat i've uploaded,im sooooo sorry.cheerssss bebeh! (",)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a trip to Kampung Budaya!

13 November 2010..i joined a social trip to Kampung Budaya, Kuching, Sarawak.
I'd taken lotsa pics n these were d chosen one:

It's me!

(how i wish i'm having a speedlite for my EOS by tat moment..)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


again,i saw smthg tat hurt me for d second time..
ouchhhh,damn sad :((((((

but,i wanna thank God for tis beautiful day..
a trip to Kampung Budaya hv saved my feeling rite now..
i still can control my sadness..

thank God for the precious frens around me..i LOVE them so much!

(dear heart,pls recover soon.i know time will heal it!)
be strong,BEATRICE!

Friday, November 12, 2010

again,tomorrow :D

cant wait for 2moro..a trip to Kampung Budaya, Kuching, Sarawak..
my 1st time so excited n i plan to sleep early tonite..
i want to release my stress! grrrr.. :P
for sure,i'l bring my BF (dun get shock aa,i mean my EOS550d)
hehe..i'l upload d,wait for it!

Till then,gudnite..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This post is specially dedicated to my beloved sister, Miss Valecca Sibuar!
Congratulation on ur graduation n i pray tat u'l continue to succeed in ur future undertakings!
God bless u!

Monday, November 8, 2010

a letter to a FREN!

P/S: sorry,i'l b writing this entry in bidayuh.i just feel that i need to say it out.i feel burdened if i dont do so..

dear dengan ku,

mai u ndai ku munok oo?mai u kaduong ku?mgkn nok kon sarah u.sbb ku pun doh puan keadaan sebenar..pak ku mboh kinyam lain mcm bh.ku metiak turung d u,daan jak smua..plsss.ting ku nang u ba u daan kiuh gik,daan meting,daan meting..u kan dengan sein jak rasa ku madin.mendam gilak2 ku rasa bila ku nenggak kiuh nok tieh..adehhhhh..walau ni2 tjadi,u ttp antara dengan ku nok plg kenak..ku koh frenship tak end munok jk bh..ku syg semua dengan ku tmasuk u goh~


with love,
dayung bidayuh...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's only WORDS...

I remembered one beautiful memory with my beloved classmates during this semester...
18 of us sang the song WORDS by Bee Gees during one of d lecture...i miss d moment!

Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you
Near to me.
Don't ever let me find you gone, cause that would
Bring a tear to me.
This world has lost it's glory, lets start a brand
New story now, my love.
Right now, there'll be no other time and I can show
You how, my love.

Talk in everlasting words, and dedicate them all to
And I will give you all my life, I'm here if you
Should call to me.
You think that I don't even mean,
A single word I say.
It's only words, and words are all I have, to take
Your heart away

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


wat a relieve after exam EDU dh mlabuhkn tirainya smlm..hehe..anyway,i lift up everythg to God..^^,

b4 going back home,i wanna share smthg wit u ol..hehe..

few days ago,i did share a topic called 'terrr..' with my facts,in our lives,anythg yg ada word 'terrr' mmg menyakitkan..

for examples:
termakan (akibatnya,sakit perut la,allergic la)
tergigit (akibatnya,sakit la..salunye lidah la yg jd mangsa..)
terjatuh (akibatnya, benjol la, lebam la..)
tersepak (akibatnya, sakit kaki la..)
terlupa (mcm2 la sakit ati ngan kte la..n so on..hehe)


but, there's one 'terrr' yg plg menyakitkan..

yes,most of us think tat TERJATUH CINTA is one of d wonderful thgs tat happen in our lives..
It is a mystery why we fall in is a mystery how it is a mystery when it comes..
but if u dun hv d courage to express ur love to d person u love,it will slowly hurt u..

so,wat do u think?
feel free to drop ur views n comments :)
a reminder to yg TERJATUH CINTA,fall in love with d beauty of his/her 'heart', not d beauty of his/her physical appearance..because tat beauty will surely fade away 1 day..
gemuk,kurus,tinggi,rendah,hitam,putih,just put it does not matter..

If u find urself in love with someone who does not love u,be gentle with
urself..there is nothing wrong with just didn't
choose to rest in the other person's heart...

If u find sum1 in love with u but u don't love him back, feel honored tat love came n called at urdoor,but gently refuse d gift u cannot return...

If u fall in love with another,and he falls in love with u,just go with d flow of d love..

P/S: Post ini tiada kaitan antara yg hidup ataupun yg telah meninggal dunia...hahaha..

Sunday, October 31, 2010

di kala stress menghimpit diri...


cant wait to be as happy as that rainbow...
15 november,i cant wait 4 u!

errr,one more thg,i wanna say goodbye to Mr October..goodbye sadness!
n hey November,nice to meet u!

Friday, October 29, 2010

all d best for d coming exam!

Exam is just around d corner,so i wanna wish u ol d best of luck..
Give ur best n never give up..
God bless u!

--> time to go back home...daaaaa..

Time to MOVE ON~~

erm,how to stat?

actly,today is my EOS550d 1st month birthday...I admitted tat,since i'm having it,i faced lotsa challenges n trials..

few days ago,someone hold my camera..he tested it n said to me 'rugi la ko beli tok (while holding my eos)..buang duit jak..bagus gk ko bli nikon..x kacak la..mun aku,x ku nk beli tk eh..x bgus ya..'
he mentioned it in front of other ppl..

ouchhhh,i felt soooooooo sooooooo down by that heart cried a lot. T___T

but today,two persons reli touched my heart..yeahh,they inspired me n i'm falling in love with photography again..that two persons were my lecturer n my senior (ABG SYAM)..

my lecturer said 'pedulikan ape org nk kate..brand ape pun tak penting...kamera mahal or murah pun tak penting..yg penting,kreativiti mase nk ambik gambar..SKILL is much more important...'

abg syam said 'Jika anda minat fotografi,kembangkan minat anda'..
Though it's just a simple word of encouragement,it reli boosted my photography spirit again..

Thanks sir n thanks abg syam :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's SMILE!

A smile can wipe away all my tears...

Misi Menggemukkan Badan (MMB)

Dinner at Miss Kamariah's house 24.10.10

My big family..Glad to have them in my life :)

I love satay!

Spagetti, rojak, sate, kuah sate n nasi impit..FOOD loves us!

Steamboating with beloved classmates at D11 Steamboat 22.10.10

Hugging WAWA (we're frens since 1996..14 years of frenship) n SYED interframe~

My beloved classmates :D

Bob, Augustin n Shafik

Me, Ina (my best fren), Susan n Syed again...:P

My girlfriends...oppppss!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


when i heard this song "ENGKA" (in English means MAYBE) for d 1st tym on 26 October 2010,i felt so is a song of emotion..yah,no doubt,i fell in love with d lyric..ohhh,i just love d song damn much! (though I'm a Bidayuh, I do listen to some Iban songs ^^,)

btw,this is d lyric of this song:

Dini nuan, kini nuan, bisi enda lama lalu nuan lenyau
Aku berunding, nama kebuah, nama ti ngasuh nuan ke nyau

Engka nya, engka tu, ngasuh tua baka tu

Engka, nuan sigi sayau ka ku, tapi nuan malu, nadai nemu nyebut, kati ngatur jaku, ka madah ke aku, tauka
Engka, nuan sigi nadai ati, nuan enda peduli, nadai madah kini, ninggal ku kediri,
Engka nadai guna, aku ngiga, utai ti sigi, nadai ba dia,

Ku ka ninga, nama berita, nama gaga nuan gerai tauka enda
Tulis surat, kirim meh salam, ngambi ku nemu pagila lusa

Engka nuan teperasa, laban laya tua suba,

Engka, nadai ku di peda nuan, engka ku berumban, mai nuan bepangan, minta ampun sulu, semua penyalah ku, tauka
Engka, nuan kala patah ati, nuan alit ati, nuan enda berani, nuan enggai beraie agi

Ulih ka nuan ninga, ati aku ngumbai, padah meh kemaya, nuan deka pulai

Engka, nuan sigi sayau ka ku, tapi nuan malu, nadai nemu nyebut, kati ngatur jaku, ka madah ka aku, tauka
Engka, nuan sigi nadai ati, nuan enda peduli, nadai madah kini, ninggal ku kediri,

Engka nadai guna, aku ngiga, utai ti sigi, nadai ba dia

P/S: Thanks to dearest frens who played this song during d exhibition that day..=)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

15.10.10 ~a farewell~

Thanks Datin Pengarah for the great leadership!!!

thank you, Datin..

orchestra team

Charles is explaining the mural of molecules~~

Majlis Perasmian Pusat Interaktif Sains

the inventions made by PISMP SN1110

Evo Muzik 101010

soryyyyy my dear blog 4 ignoring u these few days.i've been so bz..hehe..btw,misi menggemukkan badan last weekend ran smoothly..steamboating with classmates,baking biscuits,having dinner at lect's house,'eating marathon' at my home.spending time with fmly n frens,ohhhh,i likeeeeee.. .it was so wonderful..i cherished those beautiful moments..=)

n here,some pics taken during MALAM EVOLUSI MUZIK,held on 10.10.10!

drop ur comments!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

tomorrow :D

What will happen tomorrow?

UAK for LB subject - 10am..
(oh nooooooo,i havent study yet..insaf,insaf,insaf)

Going back home
(i love tis part..n tat's y i love friday..hehe)

(class gathering..yeah,i cant wait..i wanna eat,eat n eat with my beloved PISMPSN1110..i love them a lot)

till then,gudnite n God bless me!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm not a GREAT photographer, I'm just a DSLR user!

Some collections of pictures taken by me from my beloved boyfren, EOS550d.

The wheel analogy~'upside-down' in our life.
Every single day,every1 of us struggle with different hurts,hang-ups n habits..sumtimes,the challenges defeat us,n we suffer...sumtimes we are victorious,n from our experience,we learn n grow.
so,dear frens,learn how to cope with all of the trials,temptations n troubles in your life..find hope,healing n the power to persevere.
remember,alws b thankful for ol d trials..

FUTSAL~indeed,it's FUN!
n guess wat,it brighten my evening time where i'd spent my 'used-to-be' sleeping time by watching futsal..
to ol d players,ol d best n give ur to c d spirit in u ol!

HIBISCUS~Malaysia's National Flower!

So,what do u think???
Feel free to drop ur comment :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

again..mixed feelings~

mixed feelings again...

if i can smile like Beatrice in this pic,how wonderful it is..

am i too stress??
am i too bored??
am i 'suffer' from homesickness??
i dunno.just tat im feelin empty.
n noe wat,im not so hungry actly but im craving for lotsa foods..KFC,steamboat..haishhhh..

this few days,i keep on asking myself:
am i a troublemaker??
am i a burden to anyone else??
did i ever hurt anyone??if there is,im so sorryyyy..

duhhhh.i hate tis feeling.pls,pls go away..

~such an emotional nite~

Friday, October 15, 2010 going back home!!!

I'm missing my family a lot..
Beloved dad n mum

The three princess with beautiful 'sumbuk' :D

btw,i wanna take tis chance to congratulate my sis, MISS VALECCA ANAK SIBUAR (wearing black shirt) for ur graduation last Sunday, sorry,i couldnt attend ur big day but hopefully,God's will,i'l b attending ur next convocation..all the best for ur study n im proud 2 b ur lil sis! (little mehhhh???hahaha)

♥ all of u~~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They brighten up my day..Thank You Friends!!!

Clare and her best fren a.k.a my roommate! >,<

Ina, saya sayang kamu!

Smile, smile n smile :D

Jump higher Syed!

My classmates at Pusat Interaktif Sains

Beloved roommate :D

Badul n Hafiz, it's a candid!

Alex, the time-keeper

290910~the happiest day in my entire life!

Finally,Canon EOS 550D was in my hand!!!

There's so much trials tat i've been thru to hv my own DSLR..but patience saved me..hehe..

i love it so much n i promise 2 make full use of it!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

d end of d hols...duhhhhhh..

hols has ended n d lecture has started last wik..mixed feelings..3 wiks at home was a very special chance for me to rest my mind, my body n my souk from d assignments...

from 30 August til 3rd September, me n 2 of my frens, Liana n Susan did our 1-wik school-based observation at SK Catholic English..overall, i enjoyed being there..n i wanna say 'THANK YOU' to the headmaster, teachers, staffs n students for their willingness to help three of us..ur helps were very much appreciated..

d extra 2 wiks at home, as usual, i felt bored but wen it came 2 d end of hols, i started to ask myself 'can i extend my hols?'..hehehe..

haishhhh,i suffered from homesickness n it really drove me 2 crazy..i miss every single thgs abt my home..mummy, daddy, sis momoi n sis memei..

n no doubt, i faced too much trials after d hols, but, with God's help n guidance, i'm able to go thru it..

DSLR????1 of my life's dream...coming soon! c ya!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

almost a month~

extremely bz,tat's ol i can describe abt wat i've been doing during tis 'beautiful' August..
assignments,almost ol them must b submitted on tis comin friday..
now,i'm still struggling doin my assignments though i knew tat i shud b sleeping at tis moment.
sacrifice?hopefully it's profitable..hope tat ol my hard works wil b paid off..

love comes and go...
now,i lead a single first,im not used to it but after a few days of reflection,i realised tat life shud go matter wat happen,i believe tat God still loves me.His love is everlasting compared to other earthly loves..=)

few days ago,my clasmate's dad had passed away.she was strong enough in dealing with her emotions,seems tat she can go thru tis tat time,wen i heard tat news,i remembered my mom n dad at home..i love them so much n i know my life will b very terrible without them at my side..i cant live without,i wanna take tis chance to say tat I LOVE YOU MUMMY, I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Ronan Keating
Sometimes late at night,
I lie awake and I watch her sleeping,
She's lost in peaceful dreams,
So I turn out the light.
I lay there in the dark,
And the thought crosses my mind,
If I never wake in the morning,
Would she ever doubt,
the way I feel about her in my heart...

If tomorrow never comes,
Will she know how much I loved her?
Did I try in every way?
To show her everyday
She's my only one.

And if my time on earth were through,
She must face this world without me.
Is the Love I gave her in the past...
Gonna be enough to last?
If tomorrow never comes!

'Cos I've lost loved ones in my life,
Who never knew how much I loved them.
Now I live with no regret,
The natural feelings for them
Never will reveal

So I made a promise to myself
Say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there's no second chance
To tell her how I feel

So,dear fren,turn to someone that u love n tell them how much u love them.who knows,tomorrow might never comes :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gawai Hols 2010